Dr Ari Manuel

Consultant in Sleep and Ventilation

Aintree University Hospital NHS Trust, Liverpool

Ari is passionate about improving care for those patients diagnosed with sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in the UK. His aim is that all patients with SDB are identified in a timely manner, undergo the correct tests and subsequently receive the correct treatment. Once on treatment, they should be able to access services that support them and their families and be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain on the correct therapy. This needs to be underpinned by robust and clear parameters for healthcare practitioners to follow: all these processes need be based on the highest possible level of evidence with well-constructed guidelines.

During his clinical and academic career my guiding aim has always been to improve the patient pathway for those who suffer with sleep disordered breathing. He has worked in sleep units for over ten years in both a clinical and an academic capacity, with the last three years as a Consultant. Ari’s  career thus far has seen me working in both urban and rural settings, treating a large cross-section of society. He has continued to hone my practice within large tertiary centres and small falling district general hospital units alike, greatly expanding my skillset and knowledge base.

During his academic tenure at Oxford during my PHD, a key aspect to his work was the ability to gather data, analyse and critique it to a high standard, in order to synthesise useful conclusions. This led to a peer reviewed publication and an editorial on the work he had done in a well-known Respiratory journal. He has had the opportunity to apply these skills in other forums, such as contributing to the BTS Driving guidelines for patients with OSA (which I am currently involved in).

Dr Manuel works on a number of national committees (BTS, Royal Society of Medicine and British Sleep Society) which make me acutely aware of the current challenges to provision of services for patients suffering with SDB. Having worked on a number of guidelines for the BTS, in important areas such as Oxygen prescription and Smoking cessation he is well familiarised to the social, political and economic influences on organisation such as NICE. During my time involved in BTS Special Advisory groups, he has had the satisfaction not only of implementing guidelines that he has helped to create in a clinical setting, but in knowing that other professionals have been able to support patients to achieve the best pathway of care for their needs.

Ari has worked with the All Party Government Group for Obesity and the fellow to the CEO of the NHS England: He is well versed in the challenges that face us as practitioners in the NHS, as well the issues of inequality in health, public health and social care in regards to access to SDB services for patients.

Three years in a row he has appeared on national radio, broadcasting a show to promote healthy lifestyle and weight management to a target audience of socially disadvantaged ethnic minorities. Public and relevant stakeholder engagement is key to the success of a national guideline and am well situated to facilitate this. He is also a medical trustee to the Hope-2-Sleep Sleep apnoea charity and also working with the British Lung Foundation on updating their information on sleep apnoea.